G-J Maillé as an artist expresses himself mostly with sculptures, in all sizes. Some paint-works, some photography…

Inspiration is found in “life”, his life, your life, human life…and all what is already (perfectly) created by nature…by material…and by shape. Inspired by the past and personal experiences…inspired by the future, and what to want from it…  What “time” does….the decay…the transience of life.

He wants to capture the tention of the positive and the negative in one sculpture. There’s no beauty, without the ugly….there is no light, without the darkness, there is no start, without and ending.

He likes the art-viewers to decide for themselves…is it someone who is held, or is it someone who breaks loose ? Is it ugly broken…or is it beautiful fixed ? Is it “Hello”, or is it “Goodbye” ?

And the outcome of that…does that say something about the artists intentions ? Or does that say something about the viewer ?


“Wabi-Sabi…seeing (and seeking) beauty in imperfection. All things including us and life itself, are impermanent, incomplete, and imperfect. Perfection is impossible and embracing impermanence is the only way.”




Sculpture/painting: "Untill the End"

Sculpture/painting: “Untill the End”

Date of creation:March 2020Materials:Canvas-acrylicSize:150 cm/45 cmFor sale:Yes, send e-mail for price request
Sculpture "Passage in time"

Sculpture “Passage in time”

Date of creation:April 2021Materials:Wood-fiber-acrylicSize:Height 200 cm - width 40 cmFor sale:Sold
Sculpture "Whisper me the future"

Sculpture “Whisper me the future”

Date of creation:May 2017Materials:Wood-fiber-acrylic-ironSize:Height 225 cm - width +/- 200 cm - depth 60 cmFor sale:Yes, send mail for price request
Sculpture "Bleeding love"

Sculpture “Bleeding love”

Date of creation:June 2015Materials:Ceramic - Resin - woodSize: Height 180 cm - width 25 cm - depth 15 cmFor sale:Sold - Private collector
Sculpture/painting: "L'artiste est présent"

Sculpture/painting: “L’artiste est présent”

Date of creation:April 2019Materials:Canvas - Acrlylic - Polyesther Size:110 cm/ 70cmFor sale1/5 sold, e-mail for price request
Sculpture "Uprising"

Sculpture “Uprising”

Date of creation:Nov 2016Materials:Wood-fiber-acrylic-concreteSize:Height 240 cm - width 57 cm - depth 57 cmFor sale:Yes, send mail for price request
Sculpture "Loosing roots 1"

Sculpture “Loosing roots 1”

Date:Jan 2015Materials:Wood-fiber-resin-flockingSize:Height 165 cm - width 90 cm - depth 60 cmFor sale:Sold - Private collector
Sculpture "Loosing roots 2"

Sculpture “Loosing roots 2”

Date of creation:February 2017Materials:Wood-fiber-acrylic-ironSize:Height 210 cm - width 50 cm - depth 50 cmFor sale:Yes, send mail for price request
Sculpture "Fifth colomn"

Sculpture “Fifth colomn”

Date of creation:february 2016Materials:Ceramic - Acrylic - ironSize:Height 40 cm - width 50 cm - depth 10 cmFor sale:Sold - Private collector
Sculptures "No roots no future 1 & 2"

Sculptures “No roots no future 1 & 2”

Date of creation:2015Materials:Wood-stone-fiber-resin-flockingSize:Height 145 cm - width 25/50 cm - depth 25 cmFor sale:Both sold - private collector
Sculpture "Two-faced time"

Sculpture “Two-faced time”

Date of creation:jan 2016Materials:Wood-bronseSize:Height 92 cm - Width 60 cm - depth 30 cmFor sale:Yes 2/3 & 3/3, send mail for price request
Sculptures before 2015

Sculptures before 2015

For sale:All sold